Friday, November 1, 2013

Zorki C 1525 with Industar 5cm f/3.5 lens

Зоркий (Zorki) 

Zorki, Russian for Sharp Sighted, are a series of 35mm rangefinders produced at the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Factory (KMZ) from 1948-1978. The same factory that produced the Zorki also produced the Zenit SLR

This nice example is a Zorki C 1525 with 5cm f/3.5 lens. This is a Russian 35mm rangefinder from 1957ish #56008543. The Lens that comes with it is a 5cm f/3.5 #6231318. This lens and camera are both extra clean, The vulcinite is still shiny, looks to have been rarely us This camera is based off a leica II, it has a shutter range of 25-500. Everything works well, all speeds seem to be on. Nice russian copy of a Leica II.

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