Thursday, October 31, 2013

Polaroid SX 70 Instant Camera

Polaroid SX 70 Instant Collapsable Instant Camera. Interested in purchasing, it's on Etsy.

Kodak Retina Ia with a 50mm f/3.5

Just listed this Kodak Retina Ia Rangefinder 35mm camera with a 50mm f/3.5 Schneider Kreuznach lens. If you are interested check it out on my Etsy listing.

Ihagee Exacta IIA with Heligon 50mm f/1.9 Lens

Ihagee Exacta IIA with Heligon 50mm f/1.9 Lens and 135mm f/4. The heligon Lens is pretty rare, actually I cannot find another anywhere. I a have seen a heligon with a retina mount, and that one seems pretty rare. The lens does seem to have a couple small fungus spots. The camera works at all speeds and is very clean. I will be listing this at my ebay store, if you are interested and would like to save a few dollars i can remove from ebay and sell directly.