Sunday, September 2, 2012

8X10 Instant Polaroid Film Is Back!!

The PQ 8x10 Silver Shade film is the proud result of our love for large format instant photography. Other than the traditional Polaroid peel apart film, this new 8x10 film is an integral instant film. The basis of this film is our Silver Shade material with a film speed of 640 ASA. One pack contains 10 negatives and 10 positives to be shot in 8x10 cameras using the original Polaroid 8x10 holder and processor.


by Bill Phelps
by Stefan Milev

Before you start shooting, please familiarize yourself with the characteristics, necessities and handling of this new 8x10 film.
The most important basics are as follows:
  • The film is new and integral
  • Refrigerate the film until use
  • Keep processed images in the dark for 4 minutes
  • Dry your photos thoroughly! A newly processed 8×10 photo consists of a layer of wet developing paste, sandwiched between a negative and a transparent sheet. In this “sealed” configuration, photos can take 3–4 weeks to dry completely and may change during this period. The faster the photo dries, the less the photos will change. Two ways to stop further development and stabilize your images:
    1. Peel the negative and transparent sheet apart to keep your photos truly black and white. Find a detailed HOW TO on this procedure in the Extensive User Manual.
    2. Use an Impossible 8×10 Dry Age Kit to speed the drying process. Minor shifts in tone during dry down are still possible. Available starting September 18.