Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Arrived : Olympus OM 4T outfit with 5 Lenses

From the personal estate collection of camera shop owner this 5 lens Olympus OM-4 T kit would make the perfect gift for the photo enthusiast or student in your life. Even Though the  titanium body camera can take a licking and keep on ticking this one has been kept with care only a camera shop owner could give. This kit comes with EVERYTHING you will need to explore the vast world of photography. You will be equipped with lenses for every occasion.

This kit includes 
Olympus OM-4 T
Olympus 50mm 1:3.5
Olympus 24mm 1:2.8
Olympus 135 1:3.5
Olympus 75-150mm 1:4
Sigma Mirror-telephoto 600mm
camera and all lenses come in leather cases,everything is extremely clean. The camera and meter both work.  

$600.00 plus shipping, Please send message or call if interested.